Leadership: Aging in Place in White Plains is an all-volunteer organization led by a Steering Committee which is comprised of the officers and chairs of committees. 

The officers are:

President - Simon Aronin

Recording Secretary - Helen Greer

Corresponding Secretary - Paul Schwarz

Treasurer - Bob Anderson

Click here to read the Articles of Association of AIPWP.

Simon Aronin

Aging in Place in White Plains

Our Mission: Aging in Place in White Plains is an all-volunteer organization enabling seniors to age in their own homes - independently, confidently, with dignity - and to secure necessary support services in response to changing needs.

Services:  As a member, you may receive:

Help with your transportation needs--for medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other essential errands.  (More detail, click here.)

Assistance with household chores such as hanging pictures, shoveling, changing light bulbs, light gardening, …

A telephone contact number for transportation requests, referrals, general information

Information about community resources including cultural, recreational, health care and social services

Names of service people including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, handymen, etc.

Basic technology assistance with computers, cell phones, televisions, DVR's and DVD's

    Rides to appointments, stores and events
    Meal delivery/preparation
    Home maintenance and repair
    Health and wellness
    Professional and financial services